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Urban Energy with Dragonfly
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An advanced course in urban-scale energy modeling with Dragonfly, which walks through the creation of urban energy models in Grasshopper, their simulation in URBANopt/OpenStudio/EnergyPlus, and the usage of results to evaluate district-scale systems, such as interaction with electric grids.
The course is NOT recommended for people who have never used Ladybug Tools or energy modeling software before since the following course on energy modeling with Honeybee provides an introduction that is necessary in order to follow the concepts in the Energyseries.

Sample Files

All sample files from this series can be downloaded from the Ladybug Tools GitHub site: https://github.com/ladybug-tools/lbt-grasshopper-samples/tree/master/samples/dragonfly
This series covers building Dragonfly models using three methodologies:
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