Skylights by Ratio

Add skylight apertures to a Honeybee Face or Room given a ratio of aperture area to face area.

Note that this component will only add Apertures to Faces that are Roofs and have an Outdoors boundary condition.


  • hb_objs [Required]

    A list of honeybee Rooms or Faces to which skylight Apertures will be added based on the inputs.

  • ratio [Required]

    A number between 0 and 1 for the ratio between the area of the apertures and the area of the parent face.

  • x_dim

    The x dimension of the grid cells as a number. (Default: 3 meters)

  • y_dim

    The y dimension of the grid cells as a number. Default is None, which will assume the same cell dimension for y as is set for x.

  • operable

    An optional boolean to note whether the generated Apertures can be opened for ventilation. Default: False.


  • report

    Reports, errors, warnings, etc.

  • hb_objs

    The input Honeybee Face or Room with skylight Apertures generated from the input parameters.

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