Check the local configuration of the engines and data sets used by the honeybee plugin. This is useful for verifying that everything has been installed correctly and that the engines are configured as expected.



  • python_exe

    The path to the Python executable to be used for Ladybug Tools CLI calls.

  • py_lib_install

    The path to where the Ladybug Tools Python packages are installed.

  • rad_install

    The path to Radiance installation folder if it exists.

  • os_install

    The path to OpenStudio installation folder if it exists.

  • ep_install

    The path to EnergyPlus installation folder if it exists.

  • hb_os_gem

    The path to the honeybee_openstudio_gem if it exists. This gem contains libraries and measures for translating between Honeybee JSON schema and OpenStudio Model schema (OSM).

  • standards

    The path to the library of standards if it exists. This library contains the default Modifiers, ModifierSets, Constructions, ConstructionSets, Schedules, and ProgramTypes. It can be extended by dropping IDF or Honeybee JOSN files into the appropriate sub-folder.

  • asset_report

    A report of all the assets that have been loaded from the standards library.

  • default_sim

    The path to the default simulation folder (where simulation files are written if not specified by the user.).

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