Load a gbXML, OSM, or IDF file as a Honeybee Model.

The reverse translators within the OpenStudio SDK are used to import all geometry and boundary conditions (including adjacencies) to a Honeybee format.

Note that, while all geometry will be imported, it is possible that not all of the properties assigned to this geometry will be imported, particularly if a certain property is not supported in the OpenStudio SDK. Honeybee will assign defaults for missing properites and, the HBJSON format should be used whenever lossless file transfer is needed.


  • model_file [Required]

A file path to a gbXML, OSM or IDF file from which a Honeybee Model will be loaded

  • load [Required]

Set to "True" to load the Model from the input file.


  • report


  • model

A honeybee Model objects that has been re-serialized from the input file.

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