Separate Top Bottom
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Separate the top and bottom floors of a Building into unique Stories with a multiplier of 1 and automatically assign the first story Room2Ds to have a ground contact floor and the top story Room2Ds to have an outdoor-exposed roof.
This is particularly helpful when trying to account for the heat exchange of the top or bottom floors with the gound or outdoors.


  • buildings [Required]
Dragonfly Building objects which will have their top and bottom stories separated into unique ones with a multiplier of 1. This can also be an entire Dragonfly Model.
  • sep_mid
Boolean to note whether all mid-level Stories with non-unity multipliers should be separated into two or three Stories. This means that the top of each unique story will have outdoor-exposed roofs when no Room2Ds are sensed above a given room. (Default: False).


  • buildings
The Building objects with their top and bottom floors separated.
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