Deconstruct Design Day

Deconstruct design day into parameters.


  • design_day [Required]

A DesignDay object to deconstruct.


  • name

The name of the DesignDay object.

  • day_type

Text indicating the type of design day (ie. 'SummerDesignDay', 'WinterDesignDay' or other EnergyPlus days).

  • location

A Ladybug Location object describing the location of the design day.

  • date

Date for the day of the year the design day

  • dry_bulb_max

Maximum dry bulb temperature over the design day (in C).

  • dry_bulb_range

Dry bulb range over the design day (in C).

  • humidity_type

Type of humidity to use. Will be one of the following:

* Wetbulb

* Dewpoint

* HumidityRatio

* Enthalpy
  • humidity_value

The value of the humidity condition above.

  • barometric_p

Barometric pressure in Pa.

  • wind_speed

Wind speed over the design day in m/s.

  • wind_dir

Wind direction over the design day in degrees.

  • sky_type

Script output sky_type.

  • sky_properties

A list of properties describing the sky above. For ASHRAEClearSky this is a single value for clearness. For ASHRAETau, this is the tau_beam and tau_diffuse.

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