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Dump Data

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Dump any Ladybug data collections into a file. You can use "LB Load Data" component to load the data collections from the file back into Grasshopper.


  • data [Required]
A list of Ladybug data collections to be written to a file.
  • format
Text or an integer to set the format of the output file. Choose from the options below. (Default: CSV).
* 0 = CSV - Compact, human-readable, importable to spreadsheets
* 1 = JSON - Cross-language and handles any types of collections
* 2 = PKL - Compressed format only readable with Python
  • name
A name for the file to which the data collections will be written. (Default: 'data').
  • folder
An optional directory into which the data collections will be written. The default is set to a user-specific simulation folder.
  • dump [Required]
Set to "True" to save the data collection to a file.


  • report
Errors, warnings, etc.
  • data_file
The path of the file where the data collections are saved.