Generate Point Grid

Genrate a mesh with corresponding test points from a Rhino Brep (or Mesh).

The resulting mesh will be in a format that the "LB Spatial Heatmap" component will accept.


  • geometry [Required]

Brep or Mesh from which to generate the points and grid.

  • grid_size [Required]

Number for the size of the test grid.

  • offset_dist

Number for the distance to move points from the surfaces of the input _geometry. Typically, this should be a small positive number to ensure points are not blocked by the mesh. (Default: 0).

  • quad_only

Boolean to note whether meshing should be done using Rhino's defaults (False), which fills the entire _geometry to the edges with both quad and tringulated faces, or a mesh with only quad faces should be generated. FOR ADVANCED USERS: This input can also be a vector object that will be used to set the orientation of the quad-only grid. Note that, if a vector is input here that is not aligned with the plane of the input _geometry, an error will be raised.


  • points

Test points at the center of each mesh face.

  • vectors

Vectors for the normal direction at each of the points.

  • face_areas

Area of each mesh face.

  • mesh

Analysis mesh that can be passed to the "LB Spatial Heatmap" component.

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