Download Weather

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Automatically download a .zip file from a URL where climate data resides, unzip the file, and open .epw, .stat, and ddy weather files.


  • weather_URL [Required]
Text representing the URL at which the climate data resides. To open the a map interface for all publicly availabe climate data, use the "LB EPWmap" component.
  • folder
An optional file path to a directory into which the weather file will be downloaded and unziped. If None, the weather files will be downloaded to the ladybug default weather data folder and placed in a sub-folder with the name of the weather file location.


  • epw_file
The file path of the downloaded epw file.
  • stat_file
The file path of the downloaded stat file.
  • ddy_file
The file path of the downloaded ddy file.
Last modified 2yr ago