Construct Header

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Construct a Ladybug Header to be used to create a ladybug DataCollection.


  • data_type [Required]
    Text representing the type of data (e.g. Temperature). A full list of acceptable inputs can be seen by checking the all_u output of the "LB Unit Converter" component. This input can also be a custom DataType object that has been created with the "LB Construct Data Type" component.
  • unit
    Units of the data_type (e.g. C). Default is to use the base unit of the connected_data_type.
  • a_period
    Script variable constrData
  • metadata
    Optional metadata to be associated with the Header. The input should be a list of text strings with a property name and value for the property separated by a colon. For example:
    . source: TMY . city: New York . country: USA


  • header
    A Ladybug Header object.