Spatial Heatmap
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Color a mesh as a heatmap using values that align with the mesh faces or vertices.
Note that any brep can be converted to a gridded mesh that can be consumed by this component using the "LB Generate Point Grid" component.


    values [Required]
    A list of numerical values with which to color the mesh. The number of values must match the number of faces or vertices in the mesh.
    mesh [Required]
    A Mesh object, with a number of faces or vertices that match the number of input values and will be colored with results.
    Optional domain (or number for distance), which will be used to offset the mesh faces or verticesto according to the values. Higher values will be offset further.
    Optional legend parameters from the Ladybug 'Legend Parameters' component.
    A text string for Legend title. Typically, the units of the data are used here but the type of data might also be used. Default is an empty string.
    A text string to label the entire mesh. It will be displayed in the lower left of the result mesh. Default is for no title.


    The input _mesh that has been colored with results.
    Geometry representing the legend for the mesh.
    A text object for the global_title.
    The colors associated with each input value.
    The input legend parameters with defaults filled for unset properties.
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