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Spatial Heatmap

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Color a mesh as a heatmap using values that align with the mesh faces or vertices.
Note that any brep can be converted to a gridded mesh that can be consumed by this component using the "LB Generate Point Grid" component.


  • values [Required]
A list of numerical values with which to color the mesh. The number of values must match the number of faces or vertices in the mesh.
  • mesh [Required]
A Mesh object, with a number of faces or vertices that match the number of input values and will be colored with results.
  • offset_dom
Optional domain (or number for distance), which will be used to offset the mesh faces or verticesto according to the values. Higher values will be offset further.
  • legend_par
Optional legend parameters from the Ladybug 'Legend Parameters' component.
  • legend_title
A text string for Legend title. Typically, the units of the data are used here but the type of data might also be used. Default is an empty string.
  • global_title
A text string to label the entire mesh. It will be displayed in the lower left of the result mesh. Default is for no title.


  • mesh
The input _mesh that has been colored with results.
  • legend
Geometry representing the legend for the mesh.
  • title
A text object for the global_title.
  • colors
The colors associated with each input value.
  • legend_par
The input legend parameters with defaults filled for unset properties.
  • vis_set
Script variable Heatmap