Preview VisualizationSet

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Preview a VisualizationSet from any component with a vis_set output.
The VisualizationSet is often a much more detailed view of the geometry that the component typically generates and includes features like recommended line weights/types, display modes (eg. wireframe vs. shaded), transparency, and more.


  • vis_set [Required]
VisualizationSet arguments from any Ladybug Tools component with a vis_set output. This can also be the path to a .vsf file that exists on this machine (these files are often written with the "LB Dump VisualizationSet" component). Lastly, this input can be a custom VisualizationSet that has been created with the Ladybug Tools SDK.
  • leg_par2d
Optional 2D LegendParameters from the "LB Legend Parameters 2D" component, which will be used to customize a legend in the plane of the screen so that it functions like a head-up display (HUD). If unspecified, the VisualizationSet will be rendered with 3D legends in the Rhino scene much like the other native Ladybug Tools components.


  • vs
A VisualizationSet object that can be baked into the Rhino document by running "Bake" on this component or written to a standalone file using the "LB Dump VisualizationSet" component.