Create Legend

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Create a custom legend for any set of data or range. Creating a legend with this component allows for a bit more flexibility than what can be achieved by working with the legends automatically output from different studies.


  • values [Required]
    A list of numerical values or data collections that the legend refers to. This can also be the minimum and maximum numerical values of the data. The legend's maximum and minimum values will be set by the max and min of the data set.
  • base_plane
    An optional plane or point to set the location of the legend. (Default: Rhino origin - (0, 0, 0))
  • title
    A text string representing a legend title. Legends are usually titled with the units of the data.
  • legend_par
    Optional legend parameters from the Legend Parameters component.


  • mesh
    A colored mesh for the legend colors.
  • title_obj
    A text object for the legend title.
  • label_objs
    An array of text objects for the label text.
  • label_text
    An array of text strings for the label text.
  • colors
    An array of colors that align with the input _values. This can be used to color geometry that aligns with the values.