Dynamic Shade Group

Combine Honeybee Shades into a single dynamic group. Shades that are a part of the same dynamic group will have their states change in unison. If an shade has no dynamic group, it is assumed to be static.

This component can also be used to combine shades that already have states assigned to them into one group since existing states are not overwritten if nothing is connected to states_. In this case, the total number of states in the dynamic group is equal to that of the object with the highest number of states. After a dynamic shade with fewer states than that of it's dynamic group has hit its highest state, it remains in that state as the other dynamic shades continue to change.


  • shades [Required]

    A list of Honeybee Shades to be grouped together into a single dynamic group.

  • name

    Text to be incorporated into a unique identifier for the dynamic Shade group. If the name is not provided, a random name will be assigned.

  • states

    An optional list of Honeybee State objects ordered based on how they will be switched on. The first state is the default state and, typically, higher states are more shaded. If the objects in the group have no states, the modifiers already assigned the shades will be used for all states.


  • group_shds

    Honeybee shades that are a part of the same dynamic group. These can be used directly in radiance simulations or can be added to Honeybee faces and rooms.

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