Sensor Grid

Create a Sensor Grid object that can be used in a grid-based recipe.


  • name

A name for this sensor grid.

  • positions [Required]

A list or a datatree of points with one point for the position of each sensor. Each branch of the datatree will be considered as a separate sensor grid.

  • directions

A list or a datatree of vectors with one vector for the direction of each sensor. The input here MUST therefor align with the input _positions. If no value is provided (0, 0, 1) will be assigned for all the sensors.

  • mesh

An optional mesh that aligns with the sensors. This is useful for generating visualizations of the sensor grid beyond the sensor positions. Note that the number of sensors in the grid must match the number of faces or the number vertices within the mesh.

  • base_geo

An optional Brep for the geometry used to make the grid. There are no restrictions on how this brep relates to the sensors and it is provided only to assist with the display of the grid when the number of sensors or the mesh is too large to be practically visualized.


  • grid

An SensorGrid object that can be used in a grid-based recipe.

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