Annual Peak Values

Get peak irradiance or sum of illuminance values over an annual irradiance or daylight simulation.

The hoys input can also be used to filter the data for a particular time period or hour/timestep of the simulation.


  • results [Required]

An list of annual Radiance result files from either the "HB Annual Daylight" or the "HB Annual Irradiance" component (containing the .ill files and the sun-up-hours.txt). This can also be just the path to the folder containing these result files.

  • dyn_sch

Optional dynamic Aperture Group Schedules from the "HB Aperture Group Schedule" component, which will be used to customize the behavior of any dyanmic aperture geometry in the output metrics. If unsupplied, all dynamic aperture groups will be in their default state in for the output metrics.

  • hoys

An optional numbers or list of numbers to select the hours of the year (HOYs) for which results will be computed. These HOYs can be obtained from the "LB Calculate HOY" or the "LB Analysis Period" components. If None, all hours of the results will be used.

  • grid_filter

The name of a grid or a pattern to filter the grids. For instance, first_floor_* will simulate only the sensor grids that have an identifier that starts with first_floor_. By default all the grids will be processed.

  • coincident

Boolean to indicate whether output values represent the the peak value for each sensor throughout the entire analysis (False) or they represent the highest overall value across each sensor grid at a particular timestep (True). (Default: False).


  • report

Reports, errors, warnings, etc.

  • hoys

An integer for each sesnor grid that represents the hour of the year at which the peak occurs. This will be None unless coincident_ is set to True.

  • values

Peak illuminance or irradiance valules for each sensor in lux or W/m2. Each value is for a different sensor of the grid. These can be plugged into the "LB Spatial Heatmap" component along with meshes of the sensor grids to visualize results.

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