Model to Rad Folder

Write a Honeybee Model to a Radiance Model Folder.

This Radiance Model Folder is what is used to run various types of Radiance studies off of a consistent set of geometry and modifiers.


  • model [Required]

A honeybee model object possessing all geometry, radiance modifiers and simulation assets like Sensor Grids and Views.

  • minimal

Boolean to note whether the radiance strings should be written in a minimal format (with spaces instead of line breaks). (Default: False).

  • folder

Path to a folder to into which the Model Radiance Folder will be written. If unspecified, it will be written to a sub-folder within the default simulation folder.

  • write [Required]

Set to True to write the Model to a Radiance folder.


  • report

Reports, errors, warnings, etc.

  • folder

Path to the folder in which all of the files have been written.

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