Radiance Parameter

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Get recommended Radiance parameters given a recipe type and a level of detail.
The original recommendation for the various Radiance paramters comes from this document.
This presentation by John Mardaljevic gives a good overview of the meaning of each radiance paramter.


  • recipe_type [Required]
    An integer or text for the type of recipe. Acceptable text inputs are either the full text of the recipe type (eg. point-in-time-grid) or the name of the Radiance command for which the parameters are being used (eg. rtrace). Choose from the following options.
    • 0 | rtrace | point-in-time-grid | daylight-factor
    • 1 | rpict | point-in-time-view
    • 2 | rfluxmtx | annual
  • detail_level
    An integer or text for the level of detail/quality for which radiance parameters will be output. (Default: 0 for low). Choose from the following options.
    • 0 | low
    • 1 | medium
    • 2 | high
  • additional_par
    Text to override the Radiance parameters as needed. Radiance's standard syntax must be followed (e.g. -ps 1 -lw 0.01).


  • rad_par
    Radiance parameters as a text string. These can be plugged into the radiancepar input of the various recipes.