Daylight Factor
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Run a daylight factor study for a Honeybee model.
Daylight Factor (DF) is defined as the ratio of the indoor daylight illuminance to outdoor illuminance under an unobstructed overcast sky. It is expressed as a percentage between 0 and 100.
Because daylight factor is computed using an overcast sky, it does not change with [North, East, South, West] orientation. As such, it is more suited to assessing daylight in climates where cloudy conditions are common. The "HB Annual Daylight" recipe yields a much more accurate assessment of daylight and is suitable for all climates, though it requires a significantly longer calculation time than Daylight Factor.


  • model [Required]
A Honeybee Model for which Daylight Factor will be simulated. Note that this model should have grids assigned to it in order to produce meaningfule results.
  • grid_filter
Text for a grid identifer or a pattern to filter the sensor grids of the model that are simulated. For instance, first_floor_* will simulate only the sensor grids that have an identifier that starts with first_floor_. By default, all grids in the model will be simulated.
  • radiance_par
Text for the radiance parameters to be used for ray tracing. (Default: -ab 2 -aa 0.1 -ad 2048 -ar 64).
  • run_settings
Settings from the "HB Recipe Settings" component that specify how the recipe should be run. This can also be a text string of recipe settings.
  • run [Required]
Set to True to run the recipe and get results. This input can also be the integer "2" to run the recipe silently.


  • report
Reports, errors, warnings, etc.
  • results
The daylight factor values from the simulation in percent. Each value is for a different sensor of the grid. These can be plugged into the "LB Spatial Heatmap" component along with meshes of the sensor grids to visualize results.
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