Ambient Resolution

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Get the recommended ambient resoluation (-ar) needed to resolve details with a given dimension in model units.
This recommendation is derived from the overall dimensions of the Radince scene being simulated as well as the ambient accuracy (-aa) being used in the simulation.
The result from this component can be plugged directly into the additional_par_ of the "HB Radiance Parameter" component or into the radiance_par of any recipe components.


  • model [Required]
The Honeybee Model being used for Radiance simulation.
  • detail_dim [Required]
A number in model units that represents the dimension of the smallest detail that must be resolved in the Radiance simulation.
  • aa
An number for ambient accuracy (-aa) being used in the Radiance smiulation. This value should be matched between this component and the component into which the ouput ar is being input. (Default: 0.25 for low-resolution Radiance studies).


  • ar
The abmient resolution needed to resolve the detail_dim as a text string. These can be plugged into the additional_par of the "HB Radiance Parameter" component or the radiance_par_ input of the recipes.