Metal Modifier

Create a metal radiance modifier from a single reflectance.


  • name

Text to set the name for the modifier and to be incorporated into a unique modifier identifier.

  • diff

Script variable MetalMod

  • spec

A number between 0 and 1 for the absolute specular reflectance of the modifier. Note that the sum of this value and the diffuse _reflect should be less than one. Specularity of metals is usually 0.9 or greater. (Default: 0.9)

  • rough

Roughness is specified as the rms slope of surface facets. A value of 0 corresponds to a perfectly smooth surface, and a value of 1 would be a very rough surface. Roughness values greater than 0.2 are not very realistic. (Default: 0).


  • modifier

A metal modifier that can be assigned to a Honeybee geometry or Modifier Sets.

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