Turn Honeybee Rooms into Plenums with no internal loads.

This includes removing all people, lighting, equipment, hot water, and mechanical ventilation. By default, the heating/cooling system and setpoints will also be removed but they can optionally be kept. Infiltration is kept by default but can optionally be removed as well.

This is useful to appropriately assign properties for closets, underfloor spaces, and drop ceilings.


  • rooms [Required]

Honeybee Rooms to be converted into plenums.

  • conditioned

Boolean to indicate whether the plenum is conditioned with a heating/cooling system. If True, the setpoints of the Room will also be kept in addition to the heating/cooling system (Default: False).

  • remove_infilt

Boolean to indicate whether infiltration should be removed from the Rooms. If False, infiltration will be preserved and will be the only load assinged to the plenum. (Default: False).

  • include_floor

Boolean to indicate whether the floor area of the plenum contributes to the Model it is a part of. Note that this will not affect the floor_area property of this Room but it will ensure the Room's floor area is excluded from any calculations when the Room is part of a Model and when it is simulated in EnergyPlus.


  • rooms

Rooms that have had their interinal loads removed to reflect a plenum space.

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