Deconstruct Infiltration

Deconstruct an Infiltration object into its constituient properties.


  • infil [Required]

    An Infiltration object to be deconstructed.


  • name

    Text string for the infiltration display name.

  • flow_per_ext_area

    A numerical value for the intensity of infiltration in m3/s per square meter of exterior surface area. Typical values for this property are as follows (note all values are at typical building pressures of ~4 Pa):

    • 0.0001 (m3/s per m2 facade) - Tight building

    • 0.0003 (m3/s per m2 facade) - Average building

    • 0.0006 (m3/s per m2 facade) - Leaky building

  • schedule

    A fractional schedule for the infiltration over the course of the year. The fractional values will get multiplied by the flow_per_exterior_area to yield a complete infiltration profile.

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