Blind Material

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Create a material for a blind layer in a window construction. This material can be plugged into the "HB Window Construction" component.
Window blind properties consist of flat, equally-spaced slats.


  • name
    Text to set the name for the material and to be incorporated into a unique material identifier.
  • vertical
    Set to "True" to have the blinds be vertically-oriented and set to "False" to have them be horizontally-oriented. (Default: False for horizontal).
  • slat_width
    The width of slat measured from edge to edge [m]. (Default: 0.025 m).
  • slat_separation
    The distance between each of the slats [m]. (Default: 0.01875 m).
  • slat_thickness
    A number between 0 and 0.1 for the thickness of the slat in meters. (Default: 0.001 m).
  • slat_angle
    A number between 0 and 180 for the angle between the slats and the glazing normal in degrees. 90 signifies slats that are perpendicular to the glass. (Default: 45).
  • conductivity
    Number for the thermal conductivity of the blind material [W/m-K]. (Default: 221, typical of aluminum blinds).
  • transmittance
    Number between 0 and 1 for the transmittance of solar radiation and visible light through the blind material. (Default: 0).
  • reflectance
    Number between 0 and 1 for the reflectance of solar radiation and visible light off of the blind material. (Default: 0.5, which is typical of a painted white blind).
  • t_infrared
    Long-wave hemisperical transmittance of the blind material. (Default: 0).
  • emissivity
    Number between 0 and 1 for the infrared hemispherical emissivity of the blind material. (Default: 0.9, which is typical of most painted blinds).
  • dist_to_glass
    A number between 0.001 and 1.0 for the distance between the blind edge and neighboring glass layers [m]. (Default: 0.05 m).
  • open_mult
    Factor between 0 and 1 that is multiplied by the area at the top, bottom and sides of the blind for air flow calculations. (Default: 0.5).


  • mat
    A material for a blind layer in a window construction that can be assigned to a Honeybee Window construction.