Window Construction

Create an EnergyPlus window construction. Material inputs can be either the identifiers of materials within the library or a custom material made with any of the EnergyPlus Material components.

Note that the _materials should be ordered from outermost (exterior) layer to the innermost (interior) layer.


  • name

Text to set the name for the Construction and to be incorporated into a unique Construction identifier.

  • materials [Required]

List of materials in the construction (from exterior to interior). These materials can be either fully-detailed material objects built with the material components or text for a material identifier to be looked up in the window material library. Note that a native Grasshopper "Merge" component can be used to help order the materials correctly for the input here.

  • frame

An optional window frame material to denote the frame that surrounds the window construction. Frame materials can be created using the "HB Window Frame" component.


  • constr

A window construction that can be assigned to Honeybee Apertures or ConstructionSets.

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