Visualize Thermal Map

Spatially visualize the detailed results of a thermal mapping analysis from a comfort matrix.


  • comf_mtx [Required]

    A comfort Matrix object from the "HB Read Thermal Matrix" component.

  • mesh [Required]

    Mesh objects that correspond with the sensor grids of the thermal map analysis. These will be , with a number of faces or vertices that match the number of input values and will be colored with results.

  • sim_step

    An optional integer (greater than or equal to 0) to select a specific time step of the comfort results to be displayed. Note that this will override any connected period.

  • period

    A Ladybug analysis period to be applied to select a slice of time across the comfort results to be displayed.

  • legend_par

    An optional LegendParameter object to change the display of the results.


  • report


  • mesh

    The input mesh objects colored with results.

  • legend

    Geometry representing the legend for the results.

  • title

    A text object for the title.

  • colors

    The colors associated with each input value.

  • values

    A list of numbers for each face of the mesh, which are used to generate the colors.

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