Detailed HVAC

Apply a detailed Ironbug HVAC to Honeybee Rooms or a Honeybee Model.


  • hb_objs [Required]

Honeybee Rooms to which the input Ironbug HVAC will be assigned. This can also be a Honeybee Model for which the relevant Rooms referenced in the _hvac_system will be assigned the HVAC system.

  • hvac_system [Required]

A fully-detailed Irongbug HVAC system to be assigned to the input rooms (or model).

  • name

Text to set the name for the HVAC system and to be incorporated into unique HVAC identifier. If the name is not provided, a random name will be assigned.


  • report

Reports, errors, warnings, etc.

  • hb_objs

The input Rooms or Model with the detailed HVAC system applied.

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