Simulation Output
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Create a simulation output object by selecting sets of commonly-requested output variables. The resulting object can be used to request output variables from EnergyPlus.


  • zone_energy_use
    Set to True to add outputs for zone energy use when ideal air systems are assigned. This includes, ideal air heating + cooling, lighting, electric + gas equipment, and fan electric energy.
  • hvac_energy_use
    Set to True to add outputs for HVAC energy use from detailed systems. This includes outputs for different pieces of equipment, which together catch all energy-consuming parts of a system. (eg. chillers, boilers, coils, humidifiers, fans, pumps).
  • gains_and_losses
    Set to True to Add outputs for zone gains and losses. This includes such as people gains, solar gains, infiltration losses/gains, and ventilation losses/gains.
  • comfort_metrics
    Set to True to add outputs for zone thermal comfort analysis. This includes air temperature, mean radiant temperature, relative humidity.
  • surface_temperature
    Set to True to add outputs for indoor and outdoor surface temperature.
  • surface_energy_flow
    Set to True to add outputs for energy flow across all surfaces.
  • load_type
    An optional text value to set the type of load outputs requested. Default - 'All'. Choose from the following:
    • All - all energy use including heat lost from the zone
    • Total - the total load added to the zone (both sensible and latent)
    • Sensible - the sensible load added to the zone
    • Latent - the latent load added to the zone
  • report_frequency
    Text for the frequency at which the outputs are reported. Default: 'Hourly'. Choose from the following:
    • Annual
    • Monthly
    • Daily
    • Hourly
    • Timestep


  • report
  • sim_output
    A SimulationOutput object that can be connected to the "HB Simulation Parameter" component in order to specify which types of outputs should be written from EnergyPlus.
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